We all know of Mat Zo and how much of a talented DJ/producer he is, but who knew that he would be able to play the Ukulele so beautifully?

Recently the grammy nominated producer took to twitter to entertain his followers with several different covers of some of his favorite songs, all on the Ukulele. He played songs from Porter Robinson, Kill The Noise, The M Machine, and even some from Porter's new alias Virtual Self. They were all played so elegantly and were playfully done in such a way that only a man such as Mat Zo could recreate.

Here's a tweet from him detailing the reason behind his spontaneous Ukulele playing; “My gf is sick in bed and it’s raining so I’ve been figuring out how to play all my friends tunes to pass the time. I’m sorry for filling your timeline with ukulele covers.”

What did we learn from this? Well for one Mat Zo has no need to apologize because he plays the Ukulele oh so nicely, maybe we can even expect to see it with him on tour? lol Who knows…

Check out Mat Zo's Ukulele performances below…


Stefano Frantellizzi
Writer, producer...lover of all things music <3
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