Twitter can be a wild place, especially when it comes to dance music. Some good and some bad comes from the twittersphere with as of late a few beefs going on between producers, but we're not here to cover that. Instead of DJ's going head to head, we're talking collaborations, most notably Kill The Noise x Mat Zo.

Recently on Twitter Kill The Noise spilled the beans on the fact that these two, otherwise known together as Kill The Zo, have “multiple albums written.” Now, that can mean just a lot of music that may come out in various forms as singles, EP's or it could quite literally be we have albums coming our way. That's the hope and since we've only had a couple tracks in the past from Kill The Zo, we're itching for more! Let's hope this isn't just a simple tease and we actually get to hear some of what we can only expect is to be some groundbreaking records.