Accompanying Porter Robinson's announcement that he would be releasing an EP under his new alias Virtual Self at November's end, he also launched a website — Follow the link and you'll find yourself on a cryptic homepage that plays “EON BREAK” and “Ghost Voices” over interactive imagery of each song's respective character. That's the site, in its entirety, as we've been directly shown.

A few fans, however, have taken time to dig deeper, past the site's homepage and through the source code. Four items especially of interest have been found.

Two items were messages found directly in the source code: the first being a hidden image and the latter being poetic text. They are as follows…

Source: u/aradiowave

These two finds should come with little surprise after everything that the Virtual Self alias has entailed thus far, but now shit gets weird. Another Reddit user, u/spika700, happened to find an unlisted 360 degree YouTube video. Now I know I'm making a stretch here, but personally, the video reminds me of a video game loading screen where the “world” builds around you.

It's a stretch, but let me finish. The last item of interest was sent to me by a friend last night. He likely found it on Reddit, but he may have also found it by himself elsewhere. Nonetheless, the developers who reportedly created the Virtual Self website are known as Active Theory, and their work is impressive to say the least. They worked on Pottermore, have teamed up with Google, and even worked with IBM Watson at the Masters last April.

Virtual Self has to be more than music. Porter Robinson has even said he wanted to make an MMORPG one day… but we're only speculating right now. Stay tuned to EDM Sauce for more official news.

Featured Image by Rukes


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