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Virtual Self – What We Know About Porter Robinson’s New Alias

Virtual Self is a name which has been thrown around a lot lately. This is in fact Porter Robinson's alter ego that was announced only a few short weeks ago. News of the Virtual Self alias hit the news cycle with a surprise release, from there conspiracies have exploded and theories have run wild.

Virtual Self: A New Form Of Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson has been known for his wide production range. In his first album he featured on hybrid bass and electro elements which initially helped him achieve massive success. Then in his sophomore effort, ‘Worlds' Porter Robinson wore his emotions on his sleeve in a way which captivated the masses on a level we rarely see in dance music. Now in his third recreation Porter Robinson is Virtual Self. Who is this new alias? Well here is what we know so far.

Virtual Self

Virtual Self: Porter Robinson Explores New Music

Virtual Self was first announced with the release of ‘EON BREAK'. The track was steeped in Japanese pop vibes an many fans considered it similar to many old school Dance Dance Revolution tracks. The tune threw a lot of people for a loop, Virtual Self was different and many fans were hoping for more of the same. Still quickly, Virtual Self evolved.

His follow up release ‘Ghost Voices' was much more aligned with what Porter fans consider as classic Porter. The new project became instantly more accepted upon fans hearing this new track. ‘Ghost Voices' incorporated elements from Trance to Deep House and was an instant classic.

Virtual Self: Porter Robinson Debuts New Live Show

In the midst of the excitement around the new alias, Porter started a odd cryptic marketing strategy. After a Madeon show let out in NYC, fans noticed a poster with messages that caught their attention.

Virtual Self

The poster gave a date and featured messages that were tweeted out by the official alias Twitter account. It was promising. One Reddit user contacted the venue which was billed to host the event, and they in fact confirmed that it was real, and all taking place on December 8, 2017. We eagerly await to see what comes of this new, most likely mind blowing live show.

Virtual Self: Porter Robinson Attempts A VR Game?

Reddit came through once again with news and an original theory that the mysterious new moniker was actually going to involve a release of a new VR Video Game. Porter always talked about wanting to produce a game, and the idea of the video game perfectly aligns with his aesthetic. Upon reviewing the copy right and trade mark information on Virtual Self, it was realized that a lot more was going on behind the scenes than fans ever thought.

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I think I figured out Porter Robinson's side project: VIRTUAL SELF

Virtual Self: What Does The Future Hold?

Porter Robinson clearly has a lot more up his sleeve. What will the future for this mysterious alias hold? Nobody has any real answers yet, but we can only imagine that things are going to get a lot more weird before they become anymore clear.

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