If you are sitting around on this beautiful Saturday wondering what to listen to, go no further then Cofresi’s “New Thing.” The style and vibe is nothing short of an electronic oasis of synths with a grade A HipHop Vocal. Cofresi shared some thoughts on the record. Needless to say, if this is your cup of tea musically, then take the time and turn this on.

“‘New Thing’ feat. Ehiorobo is my first ever collaboration with a vocalist for an original song. I met Ehi through a fellow producer named Flamingosis and we immediately clicked creatively. After making an instrumental that seemed to fit Ehi’s style, I sent it to him and a week later he sent me back his vocals. I mixed them in while I was at Summer Camp Music Festival and fully mixed them down when I got back from that wild weekend. Once vocals were set in place, it gave me such a rewarding feeling to listen and experience a genuine human element over my music. It was a whole new territory and it immediately taught me about giving vocals space and how to make an actual song instead of just elaborate instrumentals with vocal chops… which most of my previous music has been.”

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