When KSHMR isn't busy headlining the main stage of music festivals around the world, KSHMR can be seen in the studio or helping fellow producers craft their skills.

Two days ago, KSHMR updated his Instagram letting his fans know that Lessons of KSHMR are now on Splice and YouTube. In the music production classes, KSHMR uses his track “Dharma” and a number of other tracks to teach how to make a powerful drop, how to make nylon guitar strumming techniques, creative pitch correction, writing melodies, mixing vocals, snare drum tips, and orchestral and ethnic instruments.

Watch the music production tutorials below:

KSHMR – Making A Powerful Drop

KSHMR – Nylon Guitar Strumming Using Contact

KSHMR – Creative Pitch Correction

KSHMR – Writing Melodies

KSHMR – Mixing Vocals

KSHMR – Five Tips for Snares

KSHMR – Orchestral & Ethnic Instruments: Part 1

KSHMR – Orchestral & Ethnic Instruments: Part 2

Download the ethnic instruments from sounds of KSHMR sample pack here.