Deadmau5 is an artist that does the unthinkable from time to time. Who can forget the time that Deadmau5 found the vocals to his song “The Veldt” during his livestream?

Ten months ago, Deadmau5 posted to the Deadmau5 Reddit board that he found an unknown vocalist with true natural talent. Deadmau5 pledged that if the guy got 1 million plays on his song, that he would fly Bo Mason out to mau5trap and help him co-produce an album.

1 million plays from deadmau5

Just ten months later and Bo Mason officially hit one million total plays. As soon as he reached the milestone, Mason tweeted that everyone should tweet to Deadmau5 to let him know that he's ready to do this album.

Interestingly enough, Bo Mason said that he would sign with Roc Nation or RCA Records and not mau5trap.

Congrats Bo Mason!