Two weeks ago, Porter Robinson blew the world away when he announced a new alias and dropped a single that left fans speechless. His new alias, Virtual Self is incredibly different from the Porter many have come to know and love. While many fans hoped Porter would continue to produce in the same style of his now legendary album, ‘Worlds', Porter shows that he is dedicated to forever experimenting with new sounds. This is not surprising to those who have followed Robinson from the beginning though. His initial album, ‘Spitfire' was filled with strong electro arrangements and aggressive powerful synths. Then ‘Worlds' was filled to the brim with emotion and subtle influences which more accurately represented what Porter truly experienced in his heart and soul. Now we see the third recreation of Porter and it is unlike anything we have heard from him before.

Virtual Self is a high energy alter ego which pulls influence from Japanese pop from the late 90's. It is reminiscent of tracks found on Dance Dance Revolution. It is a clear continuation of the fascination Porter has experienced with Japanese culture. Now though, Reddit has discovered Porter has already scheduled the first live performance of his new alias. In Brooklyn no less.

This poster started to appear around New York City, it also features messages that were first scene in cryptic tweets from ghost accounts which Porter RTed. A Redditor reached out to the venue and asked if this was in fact a Porter show and if so, where to buy tickets the venue responded with one word – ‘Truth!'.

So more news will hopefully develop soon. Get ready for December 8th people.

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H/T: /r/porterrobinson