DJ Snake ran a massive branding campaign around his latest single ‘A Different Way'. This including a social media campaign that lead up to a monumental live stream which featured DJ Snake performing on top of the Arc de Triomphe in his home of Paris, France. The song was a clear hit the second it graced the ears of fans all over the world. The powerful visuals of Snake playing on top of a world recognized landmark only further helped the single stand out.

On social media recently a photo of DJ Snake and ED Sheeran has been making the rounds. Two legendary artists together obviously had hundreds of fans calling for a collaboration. Demanding that the legendary vocalist and the legendary DJ team up was almost an obvious response to the photo. What many people might be surprised to find out though, is that the pair have already collaborated in a way. Ed Sheeran is actually billed on the ASCAP Repertory of ‘A Different Way'. That's right, Ed Sheeran actually co-wrote the massive hit. This honestly makes us think what it would have been like is Sheeran actually performed the vocals on the track as well.

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