What would you do if you had millions of dollars to blow? Some of us would chose cars, fine jewelry or lavish vacations.

Well, this guy chose to spend his cash on turning his Las Vegas mansion into the biggest spray paint mural possible. His name is Arman Alexander Izadi or “Armani” and outlandish extravagance his game.

Izadi wanted take his home (called Villa Shangri-la) to the next level and make Vegas as possible. To do that, he brought on 6 artists, a videography crew and a ton of spray paint. His challenge was to cover the outside of his huge multi-million-dollar mansion in spray painted murals….in only seven days.

For a week the team worked day and night to turn this once white home into one of Las Vegas' largest art exhibits—and the results are pretty damn incredible. Giant murals envelope the walls from Elvis Presley to playing cards this place is very Vegas.

But what what caught our eye were odes to two of the biggest names in EDM.

The entryway of the home is decorated with Marshmello's smiling face, right next to the front door. Perhaps Izadi wants to make his guests feel welcomed.

And covering an entire wall on the back of the house is a giant deadmau5 head. Conveniently located directly below the “Villa Shangri-la” sign so it is clearly seen from the backyard and pool.

Deadmau5 Mural

Deadmau5 Mural

Marshmello Mural

Marshmello Mural

Izadi clearly has a good taste in music and we hope to see more EDM inspired art in the future. Check out the full video below.

Spray painting an entire multi-million dollar mansion.

And in the pool room, there's a classic Marshmello head adored on the wall.