FT…? Well get ready for a video chat in Marshmello and Selena’a latest collaboration. Following up on their latest song ‘Wolves’, the two artists seem to be feeling everything about their work together. So, they wanted to continue it with an interesting style of video.

The video opens up with a text chat and jumping right into a FaceTime call. Throughout the video we are given the perspective of a real FaceTime conversation . We’re talking amateur video recording here; no horizontal frame. However, while this style of videography may be criticized when documenting your classic schoolyard scuffle, this take gives it a very personal feeling.

In classic Mello fashion he makes his stoic appearance in the small box. On the other side of the screen, Selena takes the ball and runs with it. Dancing and posing around, presumably, her house. She takes us on quite the tour, but I’m not quite sure it’s the décor that’s being focused on. The whole video is based upon their appreciation for what their work has yielded. Through that, it looks like they build a strong bond . Check it out.