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Exclusive Premiere: Adam Katz & DRTY CHAI Team Up For Vibed Cover of Mario’s “Let Me Love You”

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OY OY OY! Always wanted to start an article with that so what better time than when introducing the exclusive premiere to a hit by two Australian DJ’s Adam Katz & DRTY CHAI! This EDM Sauce exclusive premiere embodies all we know and love about several genres (including vocals from Mario's hit R&B track “Let Me Love You”) and is a track that will be played and vibe to for many years to come! These guys are rad as can be and Adam Katz pulled out all the stops on the show stopper vocals here.

Over his tenure as a DJ, Adam has grown a strong passion for the music that becomes relevant in his live performances (if you haven’t seen him, figure it out). He brings an insane blend of pop, R&B, electronic and hip-hip which allow for great connection with the masses. The ear for melody this guy possesses is often met with freestyle rap pieces; really demonstrates his music intellect and ability to cross-genre. On this track, Adam even took on the vocals which turned out pretty damn solid!

DRTY CHAI are a tag team from Australia that have grown a crazy following through, like Adam, having the seamless ability to blend genres. Bringing the worlds of Dance, Hip-Hop and Pop genres together with the drum and guitar sound, DRTY CHAI has been thriving and meticulously preparing for the drop of their debut EP. Not to mention, they are preparing to bring an extremely interactive live show which will be announced over the next few months.

Adam Katz and DRTY CHAI took R&B smash hit by Mario “Let Me Love You”, which released in 2004, and flipped it into and electric vibing track that completely rejuvenated the teenage songs lifespan. The Release is done via Uniform Beat. Through up-pitching the vocals, it allows these Aussie’s to drop a flurry of melodic synths that mesh effortlessly together. Taking an outstanding production angle and combining it seamlessly with the timeless Mario lyrics, they have managed to deliver what will not only be an EDM hit, but a Festival track for years to come. The song is crafted beautifully to suit both the dancefloor and radio and completely captivates listeners of all genres.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Adam Katz and DRTY CHAI on the brink of their release:

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from in bringing all of these stylistic genres together?

ADAM: I've always been inspired by a killer melody. It used to be that those kinds of melodies mainly stuck out in the acoustic world, but when EDM popped off in the mid 00’s and then Future Bass started to really pop off in Australia around the 2011-12 mark, my mind was semi-blown by these beautiful melodies suddenly meshed with bad ass electronic production ideas, that had awesome melodic lines in their own right. If I hear a great guitar line, I'll sing to it. If I hear a great 808 beat, i'll rap to it. If the DRTY CHAI guys come to me with a next level electronic instrumental and ask me to write to it, I'll write what will probably be the follow-up single to this one.

DRTY CHAI: We get a lot of inspiration from playing really mixed bills and seeing people vibe with all the different artists! There’s so many great motivating and creative minds out there these days, I don’t think you have to just stay in your box and limit yourself.

Q. What got you into this world? Has it always been a goal?

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DRTY CHAI: Being able to play music for a living has always been the goal. It’s the perfect way to travel the world with your mates and live life!

Q. What were your beginnings in music? Did it all start with DJ/producing?

ADAM: I was 12 years old and my school music teacher's son was producing for a bunch of big Aussie acts at the time. He came to our talent contest at school and then hit me up to sing vocals for a Sony record at the time, then we started working on my own stuff. I went from singing, to rapping, back to singing, and then just a mash of everything. I didn't start DJ'ing til much later, but it's been great fun to mix in with the vocals and control tracks on the fly, so now that's in the mix as well.

DRTY CHAI: We all come from vastly different musical backgrounds. The DRTY CHAI boys grew up listening to everything from Hip Hop to Korean Pop, all while playing in several metal bands along the way.

Q. Who were some of the main influences on you as an artist?

ADAM: I grew up listening to Craig David, Daniel Bedingfield and Michael Jackson. Kings of melodies. Oh and, Kanye ‘The College Dropout’ ftw.

DRTY CHAI: Justin Timberlake, Wiz Khalifa, Noah “40” Shabib

Q. How do you hope this track is perceived by Electronic Music fans?

ADAM: I hope that when they hear it for the first time, it hits them straight in the feels. I want their whole body to vibe that half time beat in the verses, then I want them to say ‘oooh' (😲) as the pre-chorus hits, get this face 😁 as the chorus comes in, and then scream ‘oh s******t!' when the drop hits! Then I hope they share the track with all their friends (preferably by turning their speakers up loud enough for the entire neighbourhood to hear, but via internet is fine too).

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We're just really happy with the vibe we created and hope everyone else catches the same vibe when they hear it.

DRTY CHAI: With lots of love hopefully! Who doesn’t like a bit of classic RnB, right?

Q. What is the identity you are after in the industry?

ADAM: As a topliner, I want to be the guy that gets the call whenever a track needs a killer melody, whether it be EDM, House, Future Bass, R&B, Pop or any other genre that emerges that resonates at the time. I just love the writing process. As an artist, I love performing, so whilst I generally sit in only a few sub-genres with my original material at any given time, I love the way that these genres keep evolving and changing, because it means the opportunity to perform on different kinds of stages, be it bars, clubs, festivals or concert arenas.

DRTY CHAI: Dark Horse songwriters.

Check out the exclusive premiere to “Let Me Love You” below! Add it to your playlists, it’s a heater! Also, click on the purchase link and do yourself a favor, buy now!


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