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Exclusive Interview – Tritonal On Their ‘Horizon Tour’ And More

Tritonal is a name that everyone, especially in the EDM world, should be very familiar with. These guys have and are still currently doing some epic things with music. Most recently they have been keeping themselves very busy, working on a ton of new tracks while also gearing up for a new tour. I got to catch up with them before their show in Brooklyn this past Thursday night. In this interview we went into everything from the start of their tour to the new music that they have coming out. Enjoy!


-So how's everything going with you guys?

“Busy, we actually just landed about 45 minutes ago and we shot right over here to the venue. Being that this is the first stop of the horizon tour, we wanted to get here early so that we could check out the venue and make sure everything is good to go for the show tonight.”

-How excited are you for the show and to get this tour started?

“Oh yeah we're very excited. We were looking at the venue and we love how they set everything up. We're definitely ready to get this tour started on a good note right here in New York.”

-How do you feel about New York and the scene here?

“It's one of the premier cities to play shows at in the U.S. obviously. We've been playing here for awhile, we played in so many different venues doing so many shows from the early days in Pacha to Ezoo and also governors island. We sold out terminal 5 for the last two years so this definitely isn't our first rodeo in New York. We also just love the fans here, they're so well educated when it comes to our music being that we have done so many shows in this city. We know that they realize what we are about so it really pushes us to do something different every time we come here. We definitely don't plan on just throwing a run of the mill set, we prepped and worked really hard on the tour and the show itself tonight. This show is also kind of a testing ground for all the shows going forward on this tour, we are going to be trying out a lot of new things.”

-As far as the tour itself goes how long will it be and where exactly are you guys going?

“It's all throughout North America, it ends December 16th in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom. We are so excited about playing that one, last time we played there was about 8 years ago. The show we have after tonight is going to be in Toronto. Going off that I'd say if we were to pick a venue where we're most excited to play at it would have to be the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco. Its by far the biggest hard ticket venue we played and has sold about 8500 tickets. That show sold out in 10 days and was pretty exciting for us to see. It just shows how much hype our tour is having with our fans to be able to sell out such an incredible venue.”

-How do you like touring with Seven Lions and Kill The Noise?

“Yeah so Seven Lions and Kill The Noise are going to be with us for the whole tour. We've been huge fans of both of them for awhile now. They're both great people and we go way back with Seven Lions. I think the coolest thing about the tour is the fact that no one artist isn't necessarily in the same lane, we are all in slightly different stages in our careers but at the same time I feel like there is also a ton of synergy and cross pollination at the same time. You look at all of us and we are all basically on the same level and that creates sort of a different atmosphere than most other shows. It makes it bigger and more exciting than just seeing an opener and a headliner.”

-What kind of music have you guys been working on?

“We've been working on a lot of records. We have some cool remixes we've been finishing up and a ton of originals. We could even put an album together right now if we wanted to. We have a new track with Sultan + Shepard coming out soon, they're good friends and good people and we're actually planning to open every show with that new track. We also just finished a remix for DJ Snake.”

-Last question, what are you opinons on the music industry or edm as a whole?

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“I mean its changed a ton and there are ups and downs about that. We're just really grateful that we're still out here doing this thing. We've been around for a minute and to continue to tour as aggressively as we do and to see as much music and tickets sell as we do is awesome. The reality is that we are still doing a bunch of shows every year and everything is still really selling out. That also comes down to the fact that we're consistently releasing new music. Ultimately we just want to give people an experience and I feel like with everything we've been doing our fans are still and will be for the foreseeable future be getting that.”

It was truly an honor catching up with these legends. It seems like they have been doing so much recently and it doesn't look like they'll be stopping that momentum anytime soon.

Check out more details and tickets for their ‘Horizon Tour' below…

Horizon Tour Tickets

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