I’m very excited today to say that we have the amazing opportunity to premiere the rising Parisian duo, VTCN RADIO’s, latest music video for their immaculate, experimental track, “Riddle Song.” The tune is a serious breath of fresh air admits a music scene currently cluttered with generic genre rehashes. Esoteric elements, eerie synths and enigmatic percussion all create a soundscape that promises to have you lost in thought.

The video itself is equally artful, taking cues from old, experimental short films to tell the story of a young lady lost in neurosis. This dark, poetic tone perfectly fits the auditory labyrinth this song draws us into. Otherworldly, hypnotic imagery makes this the piece as a whole perfectly suited for October.

VTCN Radio, comprised of producers Nathan Bokobza and Louis Martinez, is currently gearing up to release a new album. If the “Riddle Song,” video weren’t enough. They’ve put out a captivating new visual trailer for their upcoming LP, Mydriase. Check out the piece here and get excited for the release on November 10th.