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RL Grime Halloween Mix 6: Listen To RL Grime’s 2017 Mixtape Here

The world has been patiently awaiting the release of RL Grime Halloween Mix 6. Over the past five years RL Grime has graced his fans with incredible Halloween mixes. While the first few installments were awesome in their own right, the entire Halloween mix hype came to a fever pitch in 2014. That year the Halloween mix dropped only two weeks before RL Grime's now legendary album, VOID. The mix contained so many future classics that people were left rolling on the ground being entirely overwhelmed by trap goodness. We can only hope that the RL Grime Halloween Mix 6 has the same effect.

RL Grime Halloween Mix 6 Before Listening – What To Expect

To say it bluntly we have incredible high expectations for the RL Grime Halloween Mix 6. This mixtape, like the 2014 installment mentioned above, is dropping right before the release of a new album. Many fans noted that the last two installments of the Halloween mixtapes were a bit of a let down due to the fact that they did not contain much new music from RL himself. Fans became spoiled after an almost full album reveal in 2014's edition. Still the RL Grime Halloween Mix 6 has big shoes to fill, but if RL Grime has proven anything it's that he knows how to make an audience slack=jawed

RL Grime Halloween Mix 6 After Listening – Several ID's To Discuss

Of course the most noteworthy piece of News attached to the RL Grime Halloween Mix 6 is that fact it contains several IDs. We cannot confirm or deny which ones will be found on RL Grime's forthcoming album, ‘NOVA', but if we were you – we'd start to get very comfortable with several of the never before heard songs in this mix. As once they are released, you will be hearing these masterful productions for years to come. Check out the full mix below.

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