Marshmello continues to be one of dance music's greatest enigmas. The masked producer for years kept fans guessing of his true identity. Once that was settled Marshmello started to keep fans guessing with original productions and accompanying videos which told a clear story of growing up and finding yourself. I think many people might have an issue with me calling Marshmello's productions original. To many he characterizes commercial dance music. To an extent this belief is correct but the man behind the mask has a unique way of surprising me with every release.

‘You & Me' is charged to pop punk vibes. The lyrics make me feel like I am going through my emo phase back in middle school again, but then Marshmello tosses in his signature dance elements and styles collide. These two genres should not blend by any means, but honestly they do. So while many may disagree, this track impressed me. I think it is a throwback that has been updated for a modern day audience. Marshmello his my nostalgia feels with this tune, and finessed his way into my heart once again.