Running through soundcloud staples, Warpaint Records, a familiar face in Purporangejuice looked to catch our ear.

Purporangejuice turns indie pop with this melodic mix of sounds in Plygrnd. The first record for Warpaint through their new partners at Sony Orchard looks to blend lines and blur genres as it seeps through the cracks of the saturated music market and bubbles to the top

Hailing from Pasadena, California, Purporangejuice is known for his captivating, downtempo, sometimes future bass sound. His style is infused with hip-hop, trap, and RnB vibes as each piece he has created has intricate, colorful details and an enthralling structure to invigorate all the senses.

Tune in and experience Purporangejuice, and keep an eye out for the upcoming lyric & music video for this track dropping next week.

& If Spotify isn't your jam find the record on any platform HERE


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