Chilean DJ Sistek is here to “Show You Stars” with Tudor in this EDM Sauce Exclusive Premiere.

Bringing an autumn feel to an otherwise Summery Track, Sistek has delivered a feel good track just in time to carry us through to Summer 2018. The up and coming DJ/Producer has received a lot of love on Souncloud over the past year for remix's to original tracks by XY&O, Cap Cub, Patawawa and many more. His tropical house beats have him poised to take the EDM World by storm in the very foreseeable future if not setting the tone right here and now with this outstanding example of Tropical House.

“Show You Stars” delivers outstanding production stemming from the melodic tone of the stringy chorus and undertone bass line. The overall Tropical feel of the track lead us to believe Sistek has found his niche in this vast industry. The track leaves us yearning for a beach and the ocean in a time of year when we are expected to pack away our bathing suits. Partnering with the mesmerizing vocals of Tudor allow the track to captivate its listeners and deliver them into a whirlwind of feels. It's a super chill track that allows fans to sit back, relax and enjoy. In an industry that is flooded with Tropical and Chill House, this track differentiates itself with a super mellow beat that grasps us as fans and delivers feels for days.

Take a listen to the exclusive premiere below of “Show You The Stars” and prepare yourself to hop on socials and start following Sistek.


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