A dance act with style, CAPYAC comes to party with more than music. One of the group's members could even be seen cooking pancakes on stage at Austin City Limits… seriously, I'm not kidding.

I know right? CAPYAC comes to party with fucking pancakes!

I must digress. In all seriousness, CAPYAC also has their own fashion line, as well as a unique sound, and the group ultimately comes together to create their own aesthetic. They're wild and weird, a tad trippy at times and my personal favorite: they know how to make you dance — something that CAPYAC's latest release, “Karmann Ghia,” will definitely make you do! And I'll let CAPYAC give you the pitch from here:

“New hot track! $0 money down! 0% APR for the first 24 months! Product features: 1) Old car title! 2) Vintage compressors! 3) Tempo change! 4) Synthesizers with emotions!” What more could you want? Listen to the premiere of “Karmann Ghia” by CAPYAC below!