Back in August, one Rick and Morty fan spent roughly $15,000 on a 3.5 gallon bottle of McDonald's elusive Szechuan sauce. Later on we find out that deadmau5 was the Rick and Morty fan.

After getting back from his honeymoon, deadmau5 planned down the sauce after getting back from his honeymoon.

Deadmau5 was caught off guard though when McDonald's decided to bring back a limited-quantity amount of the sauce this past weekend.

But as thousands of fans made their way to McDonald's this weekend, McDonald's couldn't quite keep up with the demand and fans drew angry.

During deadmau5's show last night in Toronto, deadmau5 decided to take a break from his set to announce that the crowd was going to be a “nugget party” with more than 1,000 chicken nuggets.