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4 Gaming Music Playlists You Should Be Subscribed To

Looking for the best mix of dubstep, electro house, future bass, dubstep, and other various types of bass music to go along with your gaming sessions? We got you covered.

In this article, we have compiled 4 Spotify playlists that are constantly updated to provide you the best tunes for any gaming experience.

So whether you're looking for music to jam out to music while playing a first-action shooter, or the latest racing game, EDM Sauce has you covered on some of the best gaming music Spotify playlists.

Best Gaming Music Playlists

Gaming Music Playlist by EDM Sauce

The official EDM Sauce gaming music playlist features a wide variety of electro, future bass, dubstep, and various other gaming types of music. To submit your song, head over to tunemunk here and submit it.

Dubstep & Gaming Music by Avanza

The Spotify user Avanza has compiled a massive 1,280 song playlist of popular dubstep and gaming music. They also made it easier to submit songs by doing the following instructions here.

Monstercat – Gaming

Monstercat's gaming playlist is a great mix of 40 songs that let you put hours into your favorite MOBA or “saving a princess from a castle.” With all Monstercat songs, this playlist is the official gaming playlist for Monstercat.

Gaming Music by Spinnin' Records

Spinnin Records has compiled a mix of songs for you to listen to while gaming. Check it out below.


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