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DMVU Drops Bass Knocker “Gucci Banana”

Matthew Jones a.k.a. DMVU hails from Denver,Colorado. Whenever you read that you know its gotta be officel as DEN represents Bass Music’s Modern Capital, meaning he is perfectly placed to be spearheading a bold and exciting new wave of electronic music. Over the months, DMVU has become one of Circus Records’ most popular recent signings and brightest rising stars. With his insane audio adventures, “Blubbles,” “Tha Acid is 2 Loud,” and “Construction Yaper,” his fan base has been growing and yearning for more. DMVU brings an extremely intillectual approach to his production and composition, constantly looking to Innovative. The slick, powerful, and constructed on a foundation of eccentricity that can’t be mistaken,

In the lead-up to his first Circus Records E.P., the label is stoked to be giving away DMVU’s latest single, “Gucci Banana,” for free! Expect nothing less than insane sounds, an insane level of production, and a composition that’ll leave you thinking you’ve gone bananas – DMVU style.

“Gucci Banana” brings the elements we know and love about bass music to the forfront. It starts out with a stringy yet deep opening with what sound like manipulated young women voices in the background. It is alluring right off the jump. When the bass drops? A different story. Well not really, but kind of. The drop is slow in the raddest way possible. It hits hard, but ever so smooth and isn't overwhelming. He didn't try to do too much here, he did just enough to make this a bass masterpiece. You can tell the intellect that went into this track and its ratchet as hell.

Peep the free link below and be on the look-out for much more from the up-and-comer!


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