Veteran artist Nathaniel Knows and new comer SweetLick have just released a reboot of hit single “Bodak Yellow” that you must hear. The original track by Cardi B has become a radio hit, gaining a ton of air time and also gaining the interest of dance music producers around the globe. The track is subtle and well produced allowing Cardi B's platinum flow to really shine through. This minimalistic approach is what allows this tune to be easily remixed and transformed into different genres.

Nathaniel Knows & SweetLick have teamed up to give “Bodak Yellow” a g-house makeover complete with shuffle beats and deep pounding bass. The track has a fresh feel that is perfect for any house set or playlist. You can check out the tune below and grab a free download here. Follow Nathaniel Knows and SweetLick to stay up-to-date with their movements. With this being SweetLick's first release it will exciting to see what this mysterious new comer will accomplish next.