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Meet Facade, AVSTIN JAMES, And Their ‘Staring At The Sun’ Remix + Interview (EDM Sauce Premiere)

One of our favorite things to do here at EDM Sauce is premiere some heat from our favorite up and coming artists. This week we have a hot release from Facade (pronounced ‘fuh~sahd') & AVSTIN JAMES. They have a fresh take on the Vanic tune, ‘Staring At The Sun'. We also have an interview with Facade himself so let's dive right in shall we?

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Earlier this year I got sent the Facade and WVLF remix of Lil Uzi Vert‘s smash hit, ‘XO Tour Life', the production was phenomenal and it took the best parts of the original to turn it into a fresh and exciting remix. Soon after, Billboard named this remix one of the top Lil Uzi Vert remixes and that is when I knew that Facade was destined for some great things. The ‘Staring At The Sun' remix was sent my way and I knew I had to get this tune up on the site. Luckily I got the chance to premiere his new remix (which is a banger) with AVSTIN JAMES and have a little chat with him.

EDM Sauce: Hey Facade! what's up? tell us more about yourself and the person behind the persona.

Facade: So hey I'm Facade, right now I should probably be doing homework but I'm working on music. I started getting into electronic music around freshman year of High School but started to produce around sophomore year. One of my friends showed me how to produce and honestly it's really cool seeing my songs being played at venues such as Electric Zoo, Hard Summer, and getting written up on It is insane how all of this happened in one year of producing too!

EDM Sauce: All of this success in a year must be kind of wild for you! Do you have any background in music that got you to where you are today?

Facade: Yeah, I have been playing instruments since I was a kid, so I think it was an easy progression to make electronic music. Obviously playing and making music are two different things, but having a musical background allows me to see and envision my ideas a lot easier. I’ve always been interested in creative things as a child, so I feel like I’m finally putting my creativity to use now.

EDM Sauce: Now that you dove deep and established yourself in the electronic music community what is the track that you first heard that got you hooked into this scene?

Facade: The first two electronic songs that I was introduced to were Avicii’s ‘Levels' and Au5 & Fractal’s ‘Dreaming'. I remember sitting with my friends sharing music and someone played both of these songs and back then I wanted to make that type of music. Now you can hear that my music is not even close to their “level” or their style but regardless, these are two songs that really got me hooked. Can’t say I listen to these guys now but back then they were the people I listened to.

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EDM Sauce: You mentioned Au5 and Fractal's ‘Dreaming' which is an amazing collaboration and a personal favorite of mine. If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

Facade: My dream collaboration would be with Graves or Grey. Graves has been a huge inspiration to me, that guy doesn't have one bad song. I've also had the chance to talk with him and he played one of my mashups at Hard Summer and I sent him some of my stuff. He's a really cool dude and I would love to make something with him (if you're reading this please hit me up haha) Grey too! Those guys make Future Bass so interesting and their productions are so unique. I love the way they incorporate acoustic elements into their songs.

EDM Sauce: Speaking of working on music and collaborating, how did the new Vanic remix with AVSTIN JAMES get started, are you excited for this premiere?
Facade: Yeah! EDM Sauce has always been a big and common name for EDM blogs so I'm excited and thankful for you guys premiering it! Austin hit me up asking to make a song together, I soon found out he knew Vanic so we decided to create a remix to his latest song ‘Staring At The Sun'. We are proud of how it turned out, we worked really hard on this one! Most of my collaborations are done online, I like to chat with other producers and ask if they would be down to make something if I like their style. Never be too afraid to ask for a collab, even if you are small like me. Really get yourself out there, make new connections, and you’ll start to collaborate with others.
EDM Sauce: Final question! Anything you can share with us about what is in store for the future of Facade?

Facade: My goal is 5,000 followers by the end of this year. I'll be making some more remixes soon, new originals that I'm super pumped about. I am just excited just for the future I guess. Not really sure where I'm going or what I want to do. It started as a hobby a year ago and seeing things like Billboard naming your Lil Uzi Vert Remix as one of the top tracks, that's crazy to me! One day I'm making music in my bedroom and the next day it's on Billboard or being played at a festival. I would like to thank my friends for all that they've done, for the help and guidance and listening to every WIP I send them. They don't know how much their support means to me. I would also like to thank my parents. They have to put up with me being glued to my computer or with me going through snare samples which be annoying to listen too, they aren't familiar with this stuff but I wanna let them know that their patience is appreciated. And last but not least I would like to thank my small follower/fans. It's cool to see people vibing to my stuff so feel free to send a message or a video of you with the track. I would love to see that stuff and it makes me want to do this even more!

EDM Sauce: Well that is the end of the interview, thank you Facade for your time and here is to great things in your future and the release of your newest remix!
As always make sure to follow the artists, stream the track below, and keep up to date with all of the latest in electronic music with us over at EDM Sauce!
Facade: FacebookInstagramSoundcloudTwitter
AVSTIN JAMES: FacebookInstagramSoundcloudTwitter

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