It seems like just yesterday that deadmau5 received his cease and desist over his nyan-cat wrapped Ferrari. That same year, deadmau5 decided to pick up the gorgeous Lamborghini Huracán… or rather, the Nyanborghini Purracan.

Despite the Purrcan being a fan favorite, deadmau5 has purchased the $288,000 McLaren 720S, the McLaren 650S Spider, the Ford GT, the BAC Mono and a number of other supercars in the past couple of years.

Last month, deadmau5 revealed his plans to see everyone's favorite supercar in order to make room for his new McLaren 720S. Just hours ago, one of deadmau5's fans thought he noticed deadmau5 driving down the street only to find out that deadmau5 has sold his famous Purracan.

We'll miss you Purracan. We hope you're in good hands now!