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Kasum Returns with Debut Solo Single “Burned Bridges”

If you've been listening to electronic music for the past few years then the name Kasum will likely ring a bell. The New York producer first came to fame after he garnered millions of plays on remixes of 2000s alternative hits from bands such as Green Day, Sum 41 and Yellowcard. Following his pop punk remixing days, however, his name sadly disappeared…

Until today, when Kasum made the surprise return that fans were waiting for, releasing his debut solo single, “Burned Bridges.” And featuring vocals reminiscent of a blink-182 song, the track comes with a story:

“The first 11 months after I graduated, I was lost and I was making lots of music, but I had no direction, and no vision of what I wanted to make.

That all changed a couple months ago. It was 3AM and I was scrubbing toilets at my Job that I was working (yup toilets. very glamorous) and then suddenly out of nowhere, as corny as it sounds, everything hit me.

Exactly the kinda music I wanted to make. The brand I wanted to showcase. Everything.

And I was determined to never have to work a job like the one I was working, ever again.

The next day I quit my job and wrote this song.”

It's called “Burned Bridges” and you can stream the story below.

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