Matt Halper & Eli Sonas, aka Two Friends strike again with the genre bending “Big Bootie Mix Volume 12”. We thought Volume 11 was our favorite Big Bootie Mix yet, but I think Volume 12 just took the cake. If you haven't heard a Big Bootie Mix yet, you are in for a treat as Two Friends give us some of the best mash-ups I've ever heard, mixing all types of songs and genres in an hour long mix that is made for pre-gaming and house parties all over the USA.

I don't want to spoil the surprises too much, but the fact that this hour long journey starts with a Lion King, “Congratulations”, “Fade Into Darkness”, mash up should be all I need to let you know that this mix is a MUST for your back to school parties, pregames, and more!

Eli's Freestyle:
Big bootie twelve, here we go
But one thing's ironic, and you should know
Matt shouldn't listen to the mix. Why? Wassup?
He don't got a big bootie, his ass is flat as fuck

Matt's Haiku:
I'm good and at peace
With all my assets. In fact
Your mom is too, zing

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Tracklist HERE

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