In electronic music, tons of hype surrounds the eclectic and heavy amounts of energy that are present within the production styles of both artists as well as sound and lighting teams at events. EDM has become hand in hand associated with the idea of “The Drop” and it seems more and more every day that crowds are craving the biggest and baddest drops they can find. However, electronic music has not always been that way, and there are some who are finding their way into our scene with a delicate and gentile style of tunes reminiscent of the earlier days of EDM. This diversity is key to our ears here at EDM Sauce, we love the drops don't get us wrong, but sometimes we just want to relax and vibe out.

If you feel the same way, there is an opportunity for you to bear witness to one of the best in the business when it comes to this lower energy style. This Friday, producer and overall groove master Moon Boots will be making another return to one of the best venues in the city for electronic music. Coda, located at 17th and Walnut St. will be our hosts on Friday night, and the doubling split of both a large scale club vibe, with that of a small intimate venue and stage will be the perfect setting to indulge into the finer side of electronic music.

Moon Boots as an artist is quite difficult to describe. His music is funky and sensual, while simultaneously groove inducing. He leaves you in a trance, however your feet will never stop moving. He represents the fantastic dichotomy that electronic music much of the time lacks. The drinks will be flowing, the music bumping, and the people loving one another in the city of brotherly love.

Tickets are still available, so make sure to grab your tickets here. The venue is also offering a special 90 minute open bar deal online for only five dollars more than a regular GA ticket, so don't sleep on that! We can't wait to see you all there. Let's get ready to go deep and dirty with Moon Boots this Friday!

My name is Adam Leopold and I'm a contributor here at EDM Sauce. I love all genres, but my favorites are trance and dubstep. I love artists that dignify themselves from the pack through original content and a separation from the average sounds. If you can throw down a set I've never heard before, I'm instantly a fan. My favorite artists are Above & Beyond, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar. I'm currently pursuing a Political Science degree at Temple University and am living in Philadelphia as well. My name on Facebook is Leo Adam, feel free to add me if you want to chat about anything music related or just to have another friendly face in the scene. I hope you all enjoy what I put out and am so grateful to be able to give to an industry that has given so much to me!