Armin van Buuren’s “Sunny Days” Gets Blazing Remix Pack

Armin van Buuren's “Sunny Days” has finally gotten the remix package that this wonderful song deserves. With 4 smashing remixes by some of the biggest names in the industry including Tritonal, Mike Hawkins, Jay Hardway & Tom Swoon, “Sunny Days” are now about to come to every club near and far.

All 4 of these remixes are house tracks that keep the vocals pretty much intact, but each puts a very unique spin on them. Of the 4, my personal favorite is probably the Mike Hawkins remix, a masterful tune which cranks up the BPM with an extremely futuristic tech housey drop.

Which of the 4 do you think is the best? Check them out below, and let us know on socials!

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