Kaskade is a master of creating dreamy, light, gorgeous electronic tracks. Captivating vocals, hypnotic productions and emotional hooks are just some of the pieces that have made him one of the most in demand dance acts over the last two decades. Kaskade switched things up several years ago with the release of his Redux EP. He returned to pure, unadulterated house music. Deep, melodic and just perfect.

Now we finally get the follow up to Redux 001, the aptly named ‘Redux EP 002'. All we can say is ‘WOW'. Kaskade has hit the mark. The EP consists of 6 tracks, but Kaskade also released an addition record as a single. The EP mixes deep house melodies with experimental rhythms. Powerful vocals and delectable textures make this EP pure bliss to listen to from front to back. Then back to front. Kaskade once again has proven that there are not many better than him in this thing called dance music.

Take a load off from a long week and let these near perfect tracks relax you like a sonic back rub.

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