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PLS&TY – Exclusive Interview At Moonrise 2017

This years Moonrise Festival was home to a lot of great artists. There were so many amazing acts performing and showcasing their incredible talents. One of which I got to sit down with for a bit and talk about all things life and music. This guy really needs no introduction, he is proving himself to be one of the most talented acts in the future/melodic bass scene. He's been putting out release after release with tracks such as ‘Good Vibes' and ‘Run Wild', it seems like there is really no stopping him at the moment. With the singles he has coming out and the festivals that he's been playing at I knew that I had to sit down and interview him. True to his name PLS&TY (Pronounced ‘Please and Thank You') has all the manners and talent any producer/dj needs to go far in the EDM world today.


So what have you liked about Moonrise and the festival as a whole?

“”I feel like they’ve done a good Job as far as setting everything up. They’re really treating the fans and artists well too. The fact that I have my own trailer is really nice and everything about it is pretty sick.”

-What did you think of your set?

“It was so much fun. It was really amazing to see everyone who came out. I was here yesterday and I was checking out the stage and this is one of the smaller stages obviously. It’s not the mainstage, and when I saw the crowd yesterday I was definitely nervous about playing today and really didn’t think there would be as many people as I thought. I'm really happy with the turnout.”

-What did you think of the crowd exactly?

“The crowd was going really hard and with the heat and everything I was kind of surprised to see how much energy everyone had. They were really going in and I love to see that.”

-How many festivals have you played at this summer?

“This is only my second festival of the summer. Most recently I played at Electric Forest, last year I also did Lights All Night in Dallas on New Years Eve. All of them have been so sick to play at, but Moonrise is definitely on the same level if not close to all of these other festivals.”

-Are you trying to see any other artists while you’re here at Moonrise?

“Yeah I’ll probably hang out for the rest of the day and am definitely going to try to see Porter Robinson’s set!”

-What do you have going on for the rest of this week? Any more shows lined up?

“No don’t really have anything going on for the rest of the week. I have a show later this month in North Carolina so that's about it for now. At the moment I’m going to be taking a little break just to work on music and wrap everything up. This is probably my last major festival for the summer.”

-As far as new music goes, what have you been working on recently?

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“I have a couple of remixes that are going to be dropping soon. I’ve been working on a lot of high profile singles and we got some pretty big announcements coming up. ‘Run wild' and ‘Good Vibes' are two new tracks that have been getting some pretty big exposure. I feel like I'm really starting to get this project up and running and have been able to finally showcase a lot of the music I've been working on.”

-Are you looking to collab with any artists currently? Or are any of these new tracks you have coming out featuring anyone we would know?

“I’m not really working with anyone specifically right now, just working with some vocalists on the originals that I have coming out. I’m trying to just sort of pave my own lane right now and do some of these high profile PLS&TY singles and not necessarily collabs, but if the opportunity presents itself I would definitely be open to working with some big producers.”

-How long have you been producing for?

“I’ve been only producing under this project for two years and this year is kind of the year that I’m starting to tour and come into my own. This year has been the year of singles and touring. The first year was kind of getting the project off and running with some bootlegs and unofficial edits/remixes.”

-How did you get into producing/djing?

“I’ve always been a huge fan of edm and went to shows and stuff in high school. I also used to be a photographer and videographer and filmed artists in south Florida a lot. One day I decided to give it a go myself and here I am.”

Truth be told I had a great time chatting up with PLS&TY. It seems like everything is falling into place for him and he his just about ready to take the EDM world by storm. I am very much looking forward to seeing what lies ahead in this artists very bright and promising future.

Be sure to check out his latest singles below…

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