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Alison Wonderland Talks New Visuals And Upcoming Album At Lollapalooza [Interview]

I had the chance to interview the always amazing Alison Wonderland during this years Lollapalooza.  She performed at the Perry's stage on Day Three and played an after party at The MID later that night.  Both of which were amazing sets!  I asked her about her new visuals that were debuted at Lolla, and about her upcoming album.

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Welcome To Lollapalooza!  Was this your first year performing here?  

Thank you! Nope, this was my second time.  I played in 2015, but I had my ankle in a cast and couldn't walk.  I actually had to get carried onto stage.  I got so into my set that year that I climbed on stage with my busted foot and made it worse.  No regrets tho!  I love this festival!

I’ve heard that you’ve worked with Microsoft to give us some pretty wild visuals!  What can you tell us about that?  

Yep its super exciting, I have collaborated with Microsoft to create an even more interactive experience between myself, the visuals and the crowd.  Basically it maps my body and then projects it behind me.  You can turn my body and movements into anything!  Fire, Water, you can even give me Wings.  It's pretty crazy, but technology is moving so fast I want to move with it and create cool things.  Shows are places for people to escape and forget about everything for a little bit and I want to give people the best I can.

Your latest track “Messiah” has been blowing up, congrats!  Recently you’ve teamed up with Team Supreme to give producers a chance to remix the track.  You had over 300 entries which is huge!  Were you expecting such a great response?

I was so shocked when I found out. I remember when I started producing around 2008 I would BEG people for stems so I could play with them.  No one really gave me the time of day which sucked.  I think its cool to release stems to producers.  They get to see how the song was made and use the sounds for whatever they want.  I want people to be creative and innovate.  I love hearing different perspectives on songs.  It's important for Electronic Music.  I did the same with the stems for “Run”.

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I see that Slumberjack is one of the 27 artists picked, who I spoke with here at Lolla last year so shout out to those guys!

They're super dope. I took them on my last Warehouse tour and we made a song together on my last album called naked. Actually, we made another one but its not out yet 😀

You’ve got your new album coming up.  How’s that been coming along?

Oh, you know, giving me anxiety and making me more socially awkward. Making an album does crazy things to your mental if you're deep enough in it. It's exciting tho. My album is going to be called “Awake” I worked with Lido, Illangelo & Joel Little. All amazing people. Lido and I have been creative together for years. Its nice to grow with other artists. Got a couple of artist features in there too.. but its mainly my voice on the tracks considering I wrote the songs. I feel it means more that way.

In a recent interview you mentioned “Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level” was a phrase that just came to you when performing in front of a large crowd that almost gave you some disconnect.  Do you prefer to play smaller venues or clubs as opposed to festivals?

Nope they're both as amazing as each other. You can get high off both if the vibe is right.

Working with Lido on the new album.  I see that you guys did sort of simultaneous remixes of each other's tracks.  He did “Messiah” and you did “Crazy”.  Was that planned?

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Ha not planned but we are close friends so we just gave each other stems and both ended up remixing each other.

In your “Games” video, you bust out some gymnastic moves.  Do you ever get the urge to randomly do a backflip on stage?

I'll be honest….that was a stunt double. I was a geek at school and terrible at sports.  I think I named my last album “Run” out of irony as my running style is actually embarrassing.  Fun fact, the stunt double was 14 'cause that was the only girl they could find matching my size. Hah.

I'd like the thank Alison Wonderland for taking the time to answer my questions, and for an amazing two sets over Lollapalooza weekend!  Be sure to catch her latest tour dates on her website, and keep and eye out for her upcoming album!


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