DieLon DieLon brings the boom pow on this track. The original needed no remix. It was, in my mind, essentially, flawless. But, the volume 2 remix tape drops some fire as well.

So Moksi TROW's it, and is personally my favorite remix with the most Festival Replay value. If you saw Uncle Dill's snap the other night you would have heard this. But there is pure gold in this remix bundle. Hombre throws a bit more emphasis on the build and more Bass on the “drop” making for an insane shwing on the track.

Step back for a second. Madhatter!? You the real MVP. Man trewwww it. You like Bass, listen. You like music, listen. WILD.

Dielon brought one of the hardest EDM tracks of the year with G-Eazy in “Say Less”. These remixes work hard to live up to the “hype”. In my mind, none do. But, they still knock.

Dillon Francis 2.0 "Say Less" Remixes Out and I Have a Winner
So last week, my mom asked me" what is your blogger nickname". When I responded that I didn't have one, she said "what are you a loser? At least go with Marcus or something". So here I am, as Marcus. Thanks, Mom. @moreno_marcus_