Forbes has just dropped their annual list of top performing DJs in the cash flow category. The list does more than just go in depth about who makes how much, and actually demonstrates how much of a powerhouse electronic dance music has become in the entertainment world. We can't say the list was that surprising this year. The top DJs have remained the same, but a new entry to the top 3 is what has everyone talking about. That being said you could probably guess who it might be.

The Chainsmokers and Marshmello Enter The List

Number one on the list has remained constant for the past 4 years and in 2017 it has still not changed. Calvin Harris has once again earned the top spot for the highest paid DJ of the year. He earned a borderline insane $48.5 million. The number 2 spot has remained the same as well for this year. Tiesto comes in far below Calvin but still at #2 with $39 million.

Rounding out the top 5 comes The Chainsmokers at #3 with $38 Million, a hair behind Tiesto. Skrillex hits the top 4 with a whopping $30 Million and Steve Aoki takes 5th with $29.5 Million. See the full list below.

Top 10 Earners

1. Calvin Harris $48.5 Million
2. Tiesto $39 Million
3. The Chainsmokers $38 Million
4. Skrillex $30 Million
5. Steve Aoki $29.5 Million
6. Diplo $28.5 Million
7. David Guetta $25 Million
8. Marshmello $21 Million
9. Martin Garrix $19.5 Million
10. Zedd $19 Million