Ever since going viral over two years ago with his “Marble Soda” live mashup, button pusher from the Internet and music producer Shawn Wasabi has continued to release quality mashups and originals with a MIDI Fighter 64 by his side. From “Uncool Lunch Tables” to “Spicy Boyfriend,” Shawn has never disappointed and his latest release with Hollis, “Otter Pop,” continues to showcase his dominance over buttons.

Featuring cute vocals by Hollis, as well as the cutest smile that never leaves Shawn's face, “Otter Pop” may be my personal favorite from Mr. Wasabi since “Marble Soda.” It's simply adorable and the happiness between Shawn and his MIDI Fighter 64 was contagious.

Watch Shawn Wasabi show you how to “Otter Pop” below!