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Marshmello’s Music Videos All Connect Into A Story And Fans Are Loving It

Marshmello has definitely become known for his cinematic music videos as much as his catchy production over the last year. With the release of his latest video for ‘Find Me' people are absolutely thrilled that it is a continuation of a story started in prior videos.



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It all started with ‘Alone'. The story of a nerdy kid in high school slowly finding his talent, and in turn his confidence. The video took some stabs at Deadmau5 as the beef between Mello and Mau5 was just started at that point. The feel good video matched the upbeat vibe of ‘Alone' perfectly. Little did fans know that it was the start of a story that would be played out over several more videos.


Next came a summer romance for our high school Marshmello. In the video for ‘Summer' young Marsh is working at the skating rink with an abusive boss during his junior year summer. He caught the eye of a seemingly dorky girl, who of course turns out to be a beauty queen in disguise. Fans loved seeing Marshmello continue to develop as his high school life progressed.

Moving On

The next video in the life of Marshmello was for ‘Moving On'. This one had some funny faux cameos of friends that helped Marshmello make it through high school including a young Skrillex and Slushii. Marshmello included some jokes about accusations of him using pre-recorded sets. All in all this video was the perfect end to Marshmello's high school career, as it concludes with his graduation. Many fans were upset because they thought the mini saga was over.

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Find Me

The official video for ‘Find Me' was released just yesterday and chronicles the first year of Marshmello at college. Fans have been freaking out that this video actually continues the series. Honestly it is kind of awesome. Watch the new video for ‘Find Me' below.


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