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An In Depth Break Down Of Rezz’s ‘Mass Manipulation’

The time has come for Rezz to unleash her debut album Mass Manipulation on the Mau5trap label. In true alien fashion, Isabelle Rezazadeh aka Space Mom, aka Rezz has been a touring machine. To put her work ethic into perspective I have seen Rezz five times in this last year alone. Not only has she been on the festival circuit but the mother of snek has been busy completing her debut album while building a cult following, literally. Without further ado let’s look at Mass Manipulation.

Relax starts off with vocals that might as well come from a deep hypnosis script. After an old school hip hop drum beat the bass swings in like a pendulum further taking you down that hypnotic path. This track really sets the tone for the album.

Diluted Brains is the second track on the album and it begins with an eerie disorientating feel. The tribal bass kicks in and your head is bobbing before you even realize it. At the break Rezz lets some notes fall like the highlighted green characters coded in the matrix. Leaving the break, the sub bass seeps through your speakers into a pool of sound and the song then pushes on with that tribal beat.

Premonition is a collab with mysterious producer knodis that draws from one of Rezz’s most known influences, Gesaffelstein. The short stabs start off this dark track until song disappears into a vacuum only to immerse in a larger version of itself. The track builds in pursuit of the drop as the homage to the French industrial techno producer continues. This is a perfect example of how beautiful aggressive music can be.

Drugs! is the second collaboration on Mass Manipulation between Rezz and fellow Canadian producer 13. It begins with a wavy bassline. After a few moments, the Space Mom synths come in. I can picture her signature hand gesture, the finger pointing as the synths hit, as she sways to the beat behind her iconic goggles. The track transforms into a wobbler as the bass line scribbles back and forth leaving you in a state of wonderful discombobulation.

Livid is another aggressive track with fantastic percussion. This industrial track shows how Rezz does not just make your standard cookie cutter build drop break type of songs. This progressive track spirals along picking up and putting down parts as it goes, including one of the better screams I have heard in a while.

Green Gusher continues with the mesmeric stylings of this amazing producer. A bouncy intro leads way into an upbeat yet still down tempo bass line which is then layered under record scratching and growls. You never know what Rezz will bring to a track but you do know it will induce involuntary swaying.

Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In other words, it’s what happens when you listen to Rezz. This tracks pulsating bass line croaks on like a Sonoran Desert toad whose psychoactive toxins have been released.

Ascension featuring Kotek is the third collaboration and the final track on Mass Manipulation. With thumping drums that remind me of Tool’s Third Eye and a distorted guitar riff this song marches on in a rhythmic cadence. Synths rain down again as the song comes to what might be a drop and might be a break in your psychosis. The track pulls you in different directions much like Porter Robinsons Fellow Feelings. The guitar returns as the song slowly builds into an amazing array of synths that spiral in future bass fashion until the track continues on in the previous tug of war inside your mind. This is truly a diverse and fascinating work of art.

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You can listen to the album in its entirety below.

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