This one is for all of you bassheads! Dirty Audio has just released his newest track, “Firewalker.” This single will undeniably be played by some of the most famous bass DJs in the EDM scene. “Firewalker” will not fail you when it comes to its impressive drops; these drops will have you pressing the replay button over and over again. Dirty Audio had something to say about his latest track:

“Firewalker = fire + skywalker… A combination of hip-hop flutes organs and drums, mixed with trap and dubstep to create a hybrid monster.”

Dirty Audio is right, this truly is a hybrid monster. Guaranteed, this track will allow you to have a good time wherever you go. Prepare your ears for this one ladies and gentlemen, because this track will definitely be destroying dancefloors within your area.

Check out the track below.


Sophia Medina
Hello, Everyone! My name is Sophia, but most people call me Sophy. I currently attend Florida International Univesity and I am in the process of earning my Bachelors degree in English. I write here for EDM Sauce and I truly enjoy it. My favorite DJs are Seven Lions and Porter Robinson.
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