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ill.Gates Dominates Newest Apashe Kung Fu Remix

As you already may know, ill.Gates is currently one of the most technically sound producers in the game, sharing his wealth of knowledge through PRODUCER DJ.COM and weekly live streams on his social media accounts. The reputation of skill, precision, and overall professionalism ill.Gates exhibits in his career as a musician is second to none. He's had killer collaborations with Bassnectar and currently circuits the United States and the rest of the globe  sharing his music with the world on independent tours.

ill.Gates at Shambala Festival, photo credit: Joffrey Photo

Today we're here to talk about his newest release which happens to be an absolute nuclear level remix for Apashe's track ‘Kung Fu' featuring new lyrics from Mayor Apeshit that's exclusively released on Apashe's Copter Boy Remix LP that can be found HERE!

Pre-Order on iTunes HERE!

The remix features ill.Gate's signature glitch-hop sound that includes custom percussion patterns, grinding moog style basses, cerebrally produced FX’s, and of course, his moniker, an expert final overall mix and master. Coming across an artist like ill.Gates in todays saturated scene of electronic dance music is becoming more difficult than ever. He endures to drive the confines of new music with every single release, with an absolute fastidiousness and originality that is impossible to replicate.

The Copter Boy Remix LP features remixes from massive glitch-hop and bass artists that include Ganja White Night, Bone and Skin, Mantis. To cop this LP, check out this link HERE!


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