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Dillon Francis Has Gone Dark on Social Media

Dillon Francis also known as Dillon Francis is a charismatic, hilarious and quite entertaining DJ. Recently, Francis and G-eazy created the new hit “Say Less“. The music video dropped just a few days ago and Francis could not have been more proud of his work. The music video was nothing short of anything you wouldn’t expect from Francis… Not before long, he took to all social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram to announce his hard work.

After literally screaming about the “Say Less” music video over snap chat he followed it up with the new feature. You can “swipe up” to be brought to YouTube videos, websites…you name it. Apparently, followers of Dillon Francis’ snapchat were having a hard time swiping up though. This caused Francis to go on a rant about how people need to update their snapchats and basically stop being dumb.  It appears some fans of the DJ became irritated the Dillon was sharing the video and talking about the video so much.  As a consequence, it pushed him to the edge.

Ultimately, the final tweet was about not posting anything for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, Dillon Francis has been silent since July 14th. No snaps, no tweets, no Instagram posts…NOTHING. It appears that he is another DJ jumping on the “no more social media” wagon. Presently, 586 comments on his last tweet are overwhelmingly supportive and begging him to come back. Several fans are concerned:

Some DJ's have made light of the situation like ETC!ETC!:

When previous DJ's “went dark” fans and media alike lost it. However, when Francis “went dark” not much has been said.

Only time will tell at this point of the DJ/Comedian will grace us once again with snaps, tweets and Instagram photos of Gerald wearing Tevas.

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