Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music, one of dance music's most iconic sites, has just announced its plans to reinvent itself this year.

If you can get past the dated flash site with its interesting graphics, Ishkur's Guide has become on of the most comprehensive guides to electronic music to date. While having one of the most comprehensive chronological lineages for different dance music styles, Ishkur's Guide also provides commentary on the movements to get that genre to the scene.

Kenneth Taylor ‘also known as Ishkur' last updated the guide back in 2001. While looking at the guide, Taylor decided to break down the seven major categories of house, trance, techno, jungle, breakbeat, hardcore and downtempo. As EDM has changed rapidly over the past 16 years, we're ecstatic to see this famous guide get updated in all its glory.

Stay tuned to Ishkur's update here.