Back in late June, Insomniac Events' Pasquale Rotella revealed that he had big changes planned for EDC Las Vegas 2018.

While it was speculated that Rotella might be announcing a venue change to the new Raiders' stadium, Pasquale Rotella revealed to Review Journal that he may be considering holding the event at another time of the year.

“I’ve explored lots of date options, but no decision has been made,” Rotella said. “We could end up on the same date in June, but we’re exploring the possibility of moving.”

Since its move to Las Vegas, Insomniac Events purposefully scheduled EDC to take place at night due to the unbearable heat in Las Vegas. Even though it is 20 degrees cooler at night, dehydration and heatstroke have become real issues for Insomniac Events.

While there is nothing set in stone at the moment, Pasquale Rotella is considering moving the event to Memorial Day weekend in 2018.