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Pasquale Has “Big Changes” Planned for EDC Vegas 2018

A week after the conclusion of EDC LV 2017, Insomniac founder, Pasquale Rotella held a live stream Instagram video announcing forthcoming changes to America’s Largest Dance Music Festival. Though no changes have yet been announced, we can make some assumptions as to what is to come. Our assumptions are probably wrong. But the potential is endless.

Pasquale has always been an innovator in the industry. He’s like the behind-the-scenes Tiesto of the EDM scene. Constantly taking what the market is showing and adjusting accordingly. Whether it be adding more water stations due to dehydration/heat or creating one of the most insane main-stages in the history of Electric Dance Music, he is always innovating and making the customer experience as memorable as possible. That said, after reporting nearly 135,000 attendees each day to EDC LV, it’s impossible for everything to go perfectly. Fortunately for EDC fans everywhere, Pasquale is a perfectionist and there will not be any issues gone without proper inspection and resolution. It's hard to imagine any of these issues going unresolved.

With issues including, an overdose death, roughly 1,000 medical calls, extreme heats averaging over 100 degrees during the festivals 2017 tenure, long bus lines and insane traffic, it is logical to believe changes will revolve around one or more of these issues. That said, again, there were 135,000 people there per day, bringing back 3rd party buses would hardly be a “BIG CHANGE”… Maybe Drones with Water Guns attached to them? That would be friggin’ legendary.

One can only guess what these Big Changes are going to be. The first thing that came to mind was turning this festival into a camping event. But, how does one camp for a festival that takes place predominately at night? Crazy, so crazy it just might work! Anyways, we should expect to see something released VERY soon as Pasquale seems very persistent on these changes being released to headliners ASAP. It's not even July yet and we are already in a position for hot News on EDC 2018. LETS GO!


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