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Deadmau5 Reveals Smaller Replica Of The Cube, Introducing Cube 2.2

After months of building anticipation through various renderings and videos, deadmau5 finally debuted the Cube 2.1 back in March of 2017. Deadmau5 then embarked on a nationwide tour for ‘Lots of Shows in a Row' where fans got to see the massive Cube 2.1 in action.

Due to the incredible weight and size of the Cube, deadmau5 knew it was time to build a scaled-down Cube in order to travel overseas with his new setup. In April, Deadmau5 revealed plans to build the motor-less Cube 2.1 Lite Version in order to play at more venues.

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Yesterday (July 11th), deadmau5 revealed the brand new Cube 2.2 setup. According to deadmau5, the stage is an exact replica, with the exact same pixel and panel configuration, but a much higher pixel pitch. The best part of it all, it's smaller and can be transported easier.

But don't get Cube 2.2 confused with Cube Lite…

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