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Best American DJs: Celebrating The Home of the Free, Land of the Rave

Before we get underway – let me preface this list by saying I am not looking at only technical skill behind the decks. I am taking into account fan base, production skill as well as turntable ability. That means that this list is varied from the underground to the main stream. Regardless of your opinions the DJs below have made a mark on EDM as a whole, and they will live down as some of the best American DJs to ever get behind the decks. Unfortunately some cuts had to be made.

Best American DJs

Best American DJs – Skrillex

This is an obvious one. Sonny Moore will live down as one of the most impressive producer/DJs of all time and without a doubt one of the best American DJs as well. His signature styles have morphed over the years. From dubstep to deep house, Skrillex has always kept his fan base on their toes, but he has never ever disappointed.

Best American DJs – Kaskade

Kaskade is also one of the first names to come to mind when people discuss who are the best American DJs. His career reaches to all ends of the earth as well as into almost every genre imaginable. He is hands down, EDM's golden boy. Preaching a message of love, unity and of course dedication to music, Kaskade embodies the values of dance music more purely than just about any other artist ever.

Best American DJs – Diplo

Love him or hate him Diplo is every where. When a pop artist needs a new sound more times than not they go straight to Diplo. He has shaped the careers of Madonna, MIA, Justin Bieber as well as countless electronic artists. Don't believe me? Just google what he production credits on and you'll be blown away. On top of his ear for creating new sensations Diplo has built the Mad Decent label from the ground up. Hailing from FL and building his career in Philly – Diplo is an American treasure of electronic dance music.

Best American Djs – Claude Von Stroke

Claude Von Stroke is the lord and savior of tech house. The man started the Dirtybird label and helped bring the rhythmic sounds of tech house into the collective conscious of the USA. Without his dedication to the sound and curating what is now one of the best labels in all of dance music, the US might not have seen a resurgence in popularity of the tech genres.

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Best American DJs – Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson came into the scene as more or less a teenage prodigy. Porter Robinson shook the world of bass and electro with his work on ‘Spitfire'. After many high profile collaborations, remixes and main stage spots, Porter went silent. When he emerged, he returned with one of the most successful re-branding efforts of all time. Intense high energy Porter was replaced with emotional, experimental, forward thinking Porter. The change in styles helped him achieve super star status all over the world and go down in history as one of the best American DJs.

Best American DJs – Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis was propelled into fame with his mastery of the old school Moombahton sound. Soon after his sound blew up, his mastery of memes hit the main stream and one of the most popular and best American DJs was born. Dillon Francis has continued to wow crowds with his funky, outrageous productions as well as his intoxicating, catchy sound. Dillon is now a main stay of main stages and one of the most recognizable faces of EDM.

Best American DJs – Gina Turner

Gina Turner is known for being the wife of the Dutch house legend and Kung Fu champ Laidback Luke, that being said Gina has made one hell of a name for herself as one of the best American DJs as well. Gina's sound is bold and atmospheric. She embodies her home town of NYC's sound to the core. Gina knows her way around behind a turntable as well, her live sets are as impressive to watch as her sound is to hear.

Best American DJs – Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner is one of my favorite artists of all time. He burst onto the scene with his remix of Beethoven‘s 5th Symphony and over the next several years he created a sound that would shape the genre of electro house forever. His tracks have a narrative aspect to them that is entirely unique. Tracks from ‘The Way It Was' to ‘Illmerica' tell a story filled with clashing synths and gorgeous productions. Wolfgang Gartner is without a doubt one of the best American DJs.

Best American DJs – BT

Some artists are great, others are absolute legends. Brian Transeau better known as BT falls into the category of legend. BT helped make trance become one of the most popular genres in all of the world. His influence surpasses just that of the American audiences and he has become one of the true greats in all of EDM. His collaboration with Tiesto, ‘Love Comes Again' is an all time classic.

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Best American DJs – Moby

Moby helped bring electronic music into the main stream of American culture. His enormous hit ‘Southside' was featured on TRL for over 10 weeks straight. The show featured viral Music Videos that were in voted on by audiences all over the country in the 90's. Moby was one of the OG's of the electronic dance music scene and his influence lives on today. Recently his return to the festival circuit reignited his fame. Steeped in both production expertise and now political activism, Moby is one of the most well known artists in any genre – EDM or not.

Best American DJs – Marshmello

Love him or hate him, you freaking know him. Chris Comstock started his career as Dotcom and after years of success he popped on the no infamous helmet and reinvented himself as Marshmello. His new sound was beyond catchy. Fans of every genre from hip hop to rock started to notice his productions which perfectly adhered to what the largest common denominator desired. Marshmello exploded into a world wide sensation that will live on as one of the largest dance music acts of all time.

Best American DJs – Seven Lions

Seven Lions is a relative newcomer compared to many of the names on this list. The American born artists first found fame with the help of the legendary British trio Above & Beyond. An unlikely partnership as Seven Lions focused on melodic dubstep and A&B on progressive trance and house. Still through winning a remix competition Seven Lions won opening spots and releases off of Anjunabeats and soon developed a fan base as fiercely loyal as that of A&B themselves.

Best American DJs – Bassnectar

Bassnectar has one of the most loyal fan bases in all of music. Bassnectar started producing many years ago and through many impressive albums, legendary transmission podcasts and of course historic live performances has crafted an entirely new genre and realm of bass music. His live sets incorporating the highest energy dance music from all different genres has helped Bassnectar rise to the level of a god in some circles. Bassnectar has no doubt become one of the best American DJs.

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Best American DJs – Krewella

Krewella now consists of 2 sisters from Illinois. They started off their career as a trio including the producer Rain Man. After a falling out the sisters continued to produce under the name and have continued to make one hell of a name for themselves. Powerful, uplifting productions which fight for social good and unity among the scene are just some of the reasons why Krewella continues to be lauded as one of America's best DJs – even if it is technically two people.

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