Slander is a group that everyone in the EDM world are very familiar with. These guys have been proving time and time again how talented they are with every track they put out, and today is no different. The group have finally released their long anticipated track ‘Superhuman'.

This song is an absolute emotional rollercoaster. It's a prime example of how future bass should be made, with the smooth vocals of Eric Leva and the lovely and yet powerful synths of the drops, it comes together nicely to be something that is sure to be remembered for a long time.

Music like this is rare. It is definitely a song worthy of being played over and over again, and I'm sure that for all Slander fans they will find themselves putting it on a loop for the foreseeable future. Slander have done it again. I salute you boys for killing the game and providing us with music that we can truly connect to.

Check out their new track below, this one is sure to make anyone feel ‘Superhuman.'