House music has long been one of my favorite factions in the EDM genre. The style’s uplifting melodies and unstoppable percussion never fails to stick me in a good, energetic mood. One producer DJ duo, Jef Miles, has proven themselves masters of the craft with each consecutive release. Over the past two years, these two have been making sizable waves in the scene, garnering support from electronic music legends such as Tiesto.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the producers’ new tune “London Rayne” featuring Windmills. The track’s classic feel carefully combines 80s house with modern day progressive sounds. Emotionally charged post-rock vocals and heavy metal guitars make this track an uplifting musical celebration laden with euphoric energy. Throw this one on your party playlist and definitely turn it up at your next shindig to enliven a crowd. Check out “London Rayne” here and definitely get to know Jef Miles if you haven’t. If you dig what you hear, cop the track here.