I’m stoked to say that today we have the unique opportunity of debuting Dalton John’s latest EP, “Ready To Go.” After a good friend of mine came back from Paris in 2013, he told me about this artist who had been enlivening the club scene with high-energy bass music. After hearing his stories of raving the night away to this dude’s uplifting bangers, I knew I had to check him out.

Since then I’ve been keeping an eye on the artist for any sign of a new release; and I must say, his latest work does not disappoint. The first tune, “Ride” start’s off strong with huge vocals from HAUTE’s Anna Majidson accompanied by an even bigger house drop that promises to have your blood pumping. The track has the feel of UK house music and should definitely be a pop hit in no time.

The title track “Ready To Go” featuring Echo, comes next. Elegant ambient interludes contrast sharp vocals and grimy synths that promise to spice things up on the dance floor. Sika Deva goes in on the third tune “Gettin’ Better” with a rapid fire rap flow accompanied by powerful percussion from John.

The project closes with emotion-laden vocals from Cozy alongside an airy instrumental atmosphere. The tune’s feel-good, soulful energy wraps up this heavy-hitting EP nicely, adding a sweet touch in the end to showcase John’s versatility as an artist. This project will definitely be bumping through my speakers for some time now. Check it out ASAP and enjoy!

Dalton John on Facebook and Soundcloud.