Damn EDM Sauce, back at it again with all that dope, never before heard music! (I want to sincerely apologize for my dad jokes in advance, you'll be reading quite a few of them on these weekly posts) Back to the point though, we are back with another week of wild and crazy tunes from some of the best small up and coming names we could find on Soundcloud. This week features a lot of the genre perfectly titled “Experimental Trap”. Many of these tunes, while posing as every day of the mill electronic songs, have a tendency to really shake things up. They use uncommon drum patterns, melodic synths that are out of this world, and truly push the boundaries of excitement when it comes to cutting edge dance music.

On top of the many experimental tracks available this week, there are a slew of remixes of major pop and electronic hits for you to check out as well. Pop artists such as Halsey and Lil Uzi Vert have had their tunes reworked by producers, and EDM giants RL Grime and The Chainsmokers have also had their tunes twisted. Outside of those, we hope that you only recognize a select number of names or record labels on this list, and can continue over the hump of this week with tons of new jams to rock to. Enjoy our playlist, and if you have any feedback feel free to comment on any of our social media pages featured below the playlist at the bottom of the page. Thanks for stopping by this week guys!

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My name is Adam Leopold and I'm a contributor here at EDM Sauce. I love all genres, but my favorites are trance and dubstep. I love artists that dignify themselves from the pack through original content and a separation from the average sounds. If you can throw down a set I've never heard before, I'm instantly a fan. My favorite artists are Above & Beyond, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar. I'm currently pursuing a Political Science degree at Temple University and am living in Philadelphia as well. My name on Facebook is Leo Adam, feel free to add me if you want to chat about anything music related or just to have another friendly face in the scene. I hope you all enjoy what I put out and am so grateful to be able to give to an industry that has given so much to me!