Reddit, the place where dreams are made and sometimes entirely crushed. Today we are focusing on the latter. As one user is claiming that Alan Walker is nothing but a face for a project. His evidence does make sense.

Where the Claims Come From

For one Alan Walker was founded by Sony Music for his track ‘Fade' soon after came the updated version, ‘Faded' which has now accumulated over one billion views on Youtube. The thing is…between ‘Fade' and his following releases the production quality jumped exponentially. Which turned some heads.

Next is a video of a production walk through. It is about as cringing as Carnage's “very much way more louder” one. Below you can find an editted version calling out his missteps.

Finally we have to mention what the top comment on the thread was. Alan Walker is the vision behind the project. But just as Dash Berlin is actually a 3 man project, there might just be others behind the scenes who are doing the mastering and mixing. While it is a blow to Alan Walker fans that he might have been less than honest about his involvement with his music. Even Beyoncè has song writers. You can read the full thread here.